• It’s Been A While

    Wow, so much has happened in my private life which for really the first time in my wow career has bumped my playtime right down the pecking order. When I go on holiday from work and travel home or elsewhere then I usually take a short break from wow but never have I had this situation before so it’s something unusual I’m dealing with.

    My baby boy is doing great and his mum is a legend as always so although life has come rushing at us, we are mature enough to be able to handle it without too many surprises catching us out thus far. What it has meant is that I now rely more heavily than ever on you guys in The Dambusters to carry on and keep up the good work we have been doing as a guild. The officers have really impressed me and I am always in close contact when discussions are needed surrounding aspects of guild management. I am right here, just don’t have hours upon hours to spend on all my characters at the moment.

    It seems I’m already able to raid as normal but I’m also glad that this is a long tail period of the expansion so I can just about get away with maintaining guild leadership responsibilities while tending to my family as a new daddy.

    I am extremely excited about our upcoming 5th Anniversary celebration and have already banked a ‘Flag of Ownership’ which is OP and also the extremely rare ‘Amani Dragonhawk’ mount. Coupled with at least 155,000g and possibly rising it’s a fun day of camaraderie to look forward to that Saturday, it’s gonna be so epic!

    Rest assured that although I am a bit busy at the moment, parenthood hasn’t come as an upturning life changer. Genesis and I have been around the block a few times and should be able to take our new little family member’s needs in our stride. There’s a lot of fun and madness to come but I’m sure we are ready for it all. We have good friends and family who have been down our road before and who’s advice we are listening to while pioneering our own journey. Baby Kelso is a good boy so far with a full character and just looking at him makes video games and other trivia pale into insignificance at the moment, there’s no doubt where my heart currently lies and that’s with my family.

    That’s not to say I am unable to schedule ‘me’ time for Bigticket and The famous Dambusters and as time goes on that planning will get easier. You certainly ain’t losing me yet, I still look forward to our raid nights and managing our excellent officer team who are a pleasure to work with. As the expansion draws to a close, and for my 5 years+ of playing world of warcraft I still have never felt a hint of burnout. Maybe this new chapter of life is another timely twist that will ensure I will simply never ‘burnout’ and honestly, I don’t ever see that happening.

    It’s a busy few days coming up for me but I’m looking forward to starting it off by ending this week’s WoW lockout period with a 1000g payout to the weekly activity winner as always, something I love doing. Then it’s raid night on Thursday night where I hope both the guild’s raid teams can crack on and at least whack the same heroic bosses as previously, if not maybe even more!

    Keep a eye out here for more announcements regarding the anniversary schedule of events and a clarified distribution illustration of those all-important prizes! Heck, it’s only a touch over 10 days to go so I hope you’ve all booked Saturday 26th off in your schedules….


  • Wondering About Draenor

    Over the past few months, people have asked me about the way I see things around the guild heading into the next expansion. Some members of our guild are concerned about what will change in Warlords of Draenor and a few might be worried that the guild will be slow to adapt to the upcoming changes.

    Actually it is my belief that The Dambusters are perfectly placed to adapt to the new raiding formats being introduced come 6.0.
    Although the difficulty names are changing and Mythic must be 20-man, not a great deal really changes with regards to raiding. As far as I am concerned, The Dambusters have 2 10-man raid teams which we have amalgamated in the past with a few fringe players to get some 25-man runs done. That standard format will not change except for the fact that both 10-man teams will be expandable to take advantage of the future ‘heroic’ (currently normal) flexible-sized raiding capability meaning more stability in each team because the raid sizes can be adjustable depending on who turns up on a given raid night. That doesn’t mean people can just stop bothering to show up and still walk straight back into the teams, believe me.

    Currently both teams are well capable of clearing normal modes in a week after months of progression practice. Who is to say that this guild will have an immediate capability for Mythics? If we do have that possibility then amalgamating both teams together will only be a case of a couple of players switching out roles. However, Mythics will depend largely upon the performance of both teams so if you want Mythics in the Dambusters at an early stage then the onus is on you individual raiders to take the lead set by Fridai, Spyrot and the other example setting players in each perspective team and really push on to prove readiness for Mythics.

    You can’t suggest the guild won’t be ready for Mythics. Of course the guild is structurally perfectly placed to be able to support a Mythic raid team but that all depends on the raiders’ ability to do the job. You CAN suggest that a given raid team within the guild may or may not be ready but at WoD launch day, nobody will be ready so it’s up to all of us to get ready, and fast….I will be ready come raid start, will you? I can’t force you but after a few weeks if you have slacked when we needed you, will you expect an automatic spot in the team? Meh

    Can the guild provide Mythics? Spyrot, Fridai, Jolts, Idioms, Meatblocker and myself will all be ready to lead from the front by example of effort. Will you? You can’t just request that the guild ‘does Mythic’ and hope to jump on the bandwagon. It’s up to each and every one of you guys to put the effort in and blast through heroics to show the officers that we have a capable team ready to assault Mythic raiding.

    Personally, looking at the current climate within the guild, I would estimate a Mythic progression team running no later than 12 weeks into the expansion but it is entirely achievable that we could have a Mythic team up and running within 8 weeks. Asking me what our plans are for Warlords of Draenor is like asking a clairvoyant to predict the expansion release date…
    I can only operate with the tools I have. I will certainly continue pushing people with raiding intent to commit to their respective teams and prove come launch day that they are ready to put in the work to level quickly to 100 and gear up for Heroic. It’s possible the guild will start with Raid Finder, clear Normal and then go for Heroics and as is expected the guild will not begin Mythic until we have the guild achievement for a Heroic clear. The sooner people get their work done and prove they can clear Heroics the sooner the guild can get into Mythics.

    It is also of note that there are people who have no intention of doing Mythics so it is my aim to make sure the guild have a suitably organised schedule for guys looking to just do normals and maybe a bit of heroics. It is also my expectation that there are plenty of Dambusters who have little or no interest in raiding at all. I must continue to push PvP, the weekly activity competition and I will actively encourage anyone who shows interest and aptitude to lead other events, I do hope we can get back to some fun achievement/role playing old content runs where people can also try to get some smart transmog gear.

    Raiding takes the most planning but let it be known that my focus has turned directly to the upcoming anniversary where I already have loot codes in place for a ‘Flag of Ownership’ and a rare TCG flying mount which I will reveal later.

    I hope that the imminent Dambuster Draw will be a massive success and I expect to see a few really happy people get lucky this week. Get your 100g fee posted to Dambuster(Aggra) before cease play Thursday 26th to have a chance at the estimated prize pot of over 25,000g & a Sky Golem. You gotta be in it to win it!

    Remember that although the Dambuster Draw has an entry fee and doesn’t require your online attendance, the guild’s Anniversary event will require no fee but demands your attendance. Only attendees on the day of Saturday 26th July will be eligible for prizes so please schedule that day to be available. I am preparing to release 150,000g, at least the 2 TCG prizes and possibly more to be dished out on the day!

    The guild WILL be having our usual annual anniversary event next year for our 6th and by then we will be as solid as ever and a very good bet as a guild to be with. You guys are what makes this the place to be so put in the work you would expect others to put in and show your guild that you’ve done your part. I will continue to orchestrate a smooth passage to the new expansion so take control of your own characters, be responsible for your own small part of this big old guild and enjoy the upcoming content, if a Blizzard ever release the damn thing…


  • 5 Year Old

    The Dambusters will be fully 5 years old on the 26th of July!

    What an amazing amount has happened over the years since I founded the guild back during Wrath of the Lich King. There’s been a steep learning curve throughout and although it’s been a bumpy ride, there are times when leading the guild has been immensely satisfying. The journey we have been on has been really exciting and the people who have come and gone have taught me a lot about how to manage people in this type of environment while trying to improve upon my game knowledge as much as possible.

    There are stalwart members of this community who have stood by us through thick and thin and it really shows these days as our members tend to really feel they are part of the family and trust that the decisions being made at the top of the guild are for the benefit of the guild overall.

    I enjoy reminiscing of the days when Crimsonious, Icebabe, Bås, Annelie, Boffelballe, Twingol, Manacle, Tealaria, Airyfairy, Era and countless other great friends were plying their prospective trades around Xavius. This guild were on Xavius when the great Method arrived, we were also there when certain other not so great raiding guilds arrived and The Dambusters always carried a strong and respected name around the server even among our horde rivals.

    We still have people like Dreadzone(Maryhinge) and ofcourse Pocahunter(with her many alts) from those days. Diputs has been here a long long time as well as Dambusters legends such as Friday, Spyrot, Illia, Devilslotus, Horcore, Crystiel, Grim, Drsup and the brother Tinh/Thanh although these lads don’t get much game time these days.

    There are countless who have come and gone or stayed with us and moved server to be here. Each one of you has affected the guild in some way and having had the opportunity to talk to every single one of you at some stage or other, I have learned well how to manage the guild.

    The Dambusters will celebrate our anniversary by devoting a day on Saturday the 26th of July to pure guild fun! I will be talking more about this at the next Mumble meeting on the 5th of July and we will try to lock in some events for the day. Please try and clear your schedules for that full day if you can. Sleep well before it and be prepared to get very drunk in game at the wake of our annual march in memory of fallen Dambusters. We will tear up Stormwind with booze, destroy all horde on Timeless Isle and no doubt you will all get to have a pop at Spyrot, myself and the other officers in a free-for-all Battle Royale in the Gurubashi Arena for a big prize!

    I am preparing for around 100,000 gold in prizes and at least 1 rare mount and possibly other TCG prizes. I hope to have a ‘Flag of Ownership‘ to give away on the day, which is possibly the most OP item you can get in the game!

    I am hoping to carry out a gnome event where all Dambusters are to create a level 1 gnome and go for a run around. I fully expect that to get rowdy and no doubt we will come up with yet another reason to dish out some prize money. In addition, and as is the tradition at these events – the guild TOTAL activity list will be looked at and prizes will lean heavily on the top players in the guild. I also hope to get some sort of MVP style vote for the guild overall player of the year and possibly a vote for your favourite officer!

    There is much to discuss and plenty of fun to be had. I know we are currently in the middle of a lull period with WoW as we await the new expansion but for me, there is nothing different. It’s an excuse for me to work on my alt characters and have a wide choice available to me regards which to level first as my ‘planned main’ for raiding in WoD. I understand not everyone shared my out and out devotion to the game but I hope that you will all consider boosting your WoW time for the next few weeks and maybe get those legendary cloaks on your alts (or mains if you are still hunting for it) meanwhile boosting your own weekly and total activity ratings. If you feel you are far down the list, try not to think you’ve already lost. We have had numerous dark horse Dambusters appear out of nowhere on our anniversary days and walk away with mounts and massive prizes so get involved, don’t be shy!

    Can’t wait to really start putting stuff into place for this big day, any thoughts or ideas then please bring them forward for consideration but try to keep it simple :)


  • Idioms and Sîdney

    Since our long-time friend Sîdney has slowly stepped away from World of Warcraft until Warlords of Draenor, his officer position needs to be addressed. It would be wrong of me to leave an officer spot on Sîdney when we have managed to cover his position as Guild Bank Manager with the return of Poca to partner the relentless Shethehunter.

    I will very shortly be settling Sîdney back among the rest of the elite Dambusters memberbase at the respectful rank of Chief Tech which will open up an officer position for Idioms who’s determination, knowledge and leadership has been really impressive. I have discussed with Idioms and the officer team along with Sîdney and I believe Idioms will be well suited to an Events Organiser position. With both Jolts and Idioms forging activities within the guild, we are well placed to offer our fellow Dambusters more opportunities to get together and do fun stuff with our fellow guildies, which is what it’s all about really.

    If anyone would like to know more about possible activities ranging from the Dambuster Draw, raiding, PvP activities to the guild’s weekly activity competition then the Events Organisers are the go-to guys. They will either give you direct information about what you wanna do or they will point you in the right direction. Of course I’m always available if anyone wants to know about upcoming plans or the overall picture of what’s going on around here. As you will be aware, the Events Organisers will do their best but as with everything else here, I am well placed to support my officers when they need me without trying to micro-manage too much.

    The officer team is actually really solid at the moment. Our Bank team have been excellent, the raid leadership is as solid as ever and recruitment has been really impressive lately. We are finding that more and more recruitment is coming through word of mouth from people within the guild who clearly endorse the way we operate here. This is immensely satisfying and I know the leadership team are really happy about it.

  • The Raid Leader’s Tough Job

    It’s easy for people like Spyrot and myself to forget that not everyone is fully versed in how to keep their raid spot. It seems like a simple concept but it has become clear in the past week that there are guys around both Ironwall and Stonewrought teams who have been unaware that if they can’t attend then someone else must step in and if their substitute does well, they are likely to stay in the team.

    As I say, this is a straightforward concept and although most people should be well aware of this, if this info helps even one more person to understand the concept then it’s been worth my writing about it.

    Your Raid Leader has an extremely difficult and demanding job in trying to pull together the team while also having to know the encounters inside-out as well as being able to slot the right players into the right tactical roles for progression boss fights. You as a raider only have to know your own class and understand the fight mechanics that apply to you and be able to communicate with the team when required.

    Central to all of this is the assumption that you’re actually there for the raid. The Raid Leader might have his perfect team list of players for a particular raid but the moment he finds out that someone can’t make it online, his job is turned upside down and he then must rush around searching for a substitute.

    Nobody can deny that this is just a game and that real life issues crop up. We all have them, Spyrot’s internet and power have been known to suspiciously die right on raid time leaving the team without a Raid Leader. I have been known to mysteriously disappear into ‘work’ when I never work Thursdays of course! We all have stuff to deal with and the onus is on us as individuals to manage that as best we can. If something does crop up then we really should speak to the Raid Leader (or at least someone who will relay the message) as soon as possible so that he can try to rush around for a replacement. This stuff happens and we can all understand it’s just a fact of life.

    The substitute who comes in has to immediately take someone’s place and do their best if they intend to be considered for a regular raid spot. It must be remembered that the likelihood is that the player who is ready and available to the Raid Leader in that moment of need, will likely be highly regarded as a saviour and if they do well then it would be absolutely wrong for the Raid Leader to then dump them afterwards in favour of the raider who jeopardised the raid by being unavailable at the previous scheduled gathering.

    The reasons for your inability to attend a raid really does not matter since this is a fantasy world which can in no way compete with what can happen in your personal life. That’s the beauty of this game, because if someone cannot attend a raid then it’s of no emotional concern to a Raid Leader who needs to fill your spot, it just needs to get it done and the game rolls along without you. If you appear online and just ignore your raid team’s attempts to bring you into the team then don’t ever expect to be welcomed back in.

    Don’t get me wrong with my apparent cold and calculated approach to a raid team’s attendance. I more than anyone can fully understand and empathise with people who can’t always log into the game when they wish they could, but I am simply spelling it out that no matter what nastiness goes on in the outside world, the show must go on. Every year on the Dambusters anniversary day this guild celebrates our community past and present. At the very beginning of the day’s events, we march from Northshire Abbey in Elwynn Forest in memory of Dambusters we have lost along the way. People come and go and that day is for us to remember our old friends who have disappeared or simply just gone elsewhere. Who knows what happened to some ex-Dambusters, real life could have taken it’s grip and they may never play again. Whatever the circumstances may be surrounding a former member’s estrangement from the guild, whether they fell out with us, changed faction or even passed away! in my eyes they will always be a Dambuster and we will be here flying that guild standard in their memory.

    Same thing happens when a raider can’t make it, the team will soldier on and make you proud in your absence. It’s up to you to fight your way back in and help create that competition for places that keeps everyone in the team operating at their nervous best :)

    You should be excited about the prospect of pushing your way back into contention for a raid spot by showing that although you couldn’t make the previous raid night, you’re gonna be ready and willing IF you are needed for the next run. If you are not required then you should carry on working on your character or maybe another character until your raid leader needs you again. If this arrangement doesn’t suit you then it might be time to find a new team because at the end of the day, we are all here to have fun and play the game to enjoy the experience. If you find yourself benched week after week then you either need to work harder, check to see if the team needs you on another class/role or consider either spending time doing something else or even finding a new guild. The last thing I want is an unhappy player spitting feathers around the guild. It’s happened before and I quickly recognise the symptoms and stamp any such behaviour out, believe me.

    Raiders must keep in mind the guild they are in. The Dambusters is more than just a raid team and petty raider squabbles often meet with my more abrupt mannerisms. Be respectful of the team and hold your head high if you find yourself surplus to requirements for a time. Remember that the very next week, there could be an opening and if you’ve burned your bridges with the Raid Leader then you could find yourself overlooked when previously you might only have missed a week’s lockout and returned straight to the team if you had kept your cool.

    A Raid Leader is the toughest job in the game so please make life as easy as possible on these guys and try to remember that there’s so much more to this game and this guild than raiding :)


  • Dambusters Core Ethics

    As we have had some excellent new recruits arrive recently, I think that now would be a good time for me to welcome our new Dambusters to the guild by spelling out exactly what type of guild we are.

    Of course, the website provides some good info but the depth of information is primarily found here in the blog. The blog has been running now for over 2 years and it is packed with my own angle on things that have happened, my thoughts on the way I see things going on around the guild and obviously the blog also has a lot of my own blue sky ideas for the way I see the guild developing over any given period of time.

    The blog provides our members with a window into my thought process which I think has been an excellent tool that I am able to use to get my points of view across to the guild at large. There may be things happening that a Dambuster only sees a small part of but I can flesh out the necessary information from my own perspectives and offer it here in the blog posts.

    As with any community, not every piece of information gets to every member and it’s rare that everyone actually needs every aspect of detail going on behind the scenes within the guild, however I have made a point of ensuring there is maximum clarity regarding guild matters wherever possible. There’s an old saying ‘knowledge is power’ which is a methodology I definitely do not share. I am of the belief that sharing knowledge builds a strong community. If the leadership of a community have things to hide then it can become toxic. I much prefer to be able to give the whole guild information so that anyone with any queries about the guild can arm themselves with as much info as possible and then ask me directly if there’s something they don’t understand.

    The core ethics of the guild are set by myself at all times. Wherever we fail, wherever we achieve, all of it comes down to my own leadership because ultimately it’s me who formed the guild, delegated my own tasks out to the officers that I select and it’s my fault if any of it goes badly. I have no problem in holding myself responsible for failings within the guild. There is a caveat in that certain people may feel the guild fails in certain areas whereas my own perception could see things differently. What someone else may feel is a failure, I may not see as such. An example could be the fact that the guild is only 3/14 for heroic raid progression this tier. My answer to that is that this is not a raiding guild so in my own eyes, any raid progression we do make, is a big bonus. Also, there are plenty raiding guilds who are behind us in the progress charts :)

    That’s not to say that I don’t care about our raid progression because I most certainly do. What it proves is that for me, the guild is much more than just another ‘raiding guild’ and our community is such that there is no persecution or judgment going around because certain guild members are not strong enough, don’t have the time, don’t fancy raiding or any other reason which would otherwise render them totally sidelined in a guild which cares only about it’s raiding. We are not like that at all. If you aren’t into raiding for whatever reason, nobody here will think bad of you and you are welcome to play your own game and aspire to become the level of player you want to be without pressure or demands.

    Being part of one of our raid teams however, demands commitment, knowledge and determination on the part of the player just like any other raider but as I have said, outwith that team player commitment to the other members of the group, you are not under any undue pressure to improve your own gameplay unless you personally want to do so.

    What you get here is an approachable guild leader who will be your best friend in the game as long as you are respectful and polite, honest and true to your guild. The ruthless side of me comes to the fore only when I witness rude, thoughtless or carefree behaviour which causes distress to my guild. Those circumstances can bring out the flaming monster in your guild leader and there have been times when I have ripped through people in defence of The Dambusters.

    It’s really easy to stay on my good side and I’m always up for a laugh. People are welcome to make fun of me and I do the same in return. I would never like to be considered to be someone who can dish out jokes yet be unable to take them myself. As with any community, there must be fun and there must be a sense of belonging. This guild has a kind spirit and a warm heart which loves to welcome new people in. We are proud to be such a welcoming family and we like to show others what we have here.

    The guild’s officer team are hard working people who volunteer out of sheer kindness and a sense of duty to this guild. There’s more work going on behind the scenes than some might realise and it’s all because we want to provide the best guild experience we can. Our next monthly guild meeting is this Thursday the 5th at 6pm server time. I hope many of our members can attend our Mumble chat and participate by offering thoughts, sharing ideas and asking questions. I will be there as always and I have plenty of information to discuss with you.


  • Recent Officer Changes (May 2014)

    The guild has promoted Fridai and Jolts to Flight Sergeant which will bolster the guild’s overall functionality by having two more committed Dambusters in leading roles within the guild.

    Fridai is the Raid Leader of Stonewrought raid team and he will be the focal point for anyone involved in that team, or anyone who wants to try out for a spot with Stonewrought. Having an officer as your raid leader provides the team with more communication between the guild leadership and the guys on the team. It can help with bringing up ideas that could be valued at guild management level because the members of the team may use the raid leader to talk through ways to effect change to guild matters which may be considered by myself as viable.

    Having your own guy in the officers chat with your issues being his/her focus can be instrumental in paving a way forward for the team. If anyone in Stonewrought has ideas, opinions or plans in mind that they feel could help the team moving forward then of course they are welcome to talk to me directly. Ideally tho, I like Fridai to be involved in any pioneering to be done regarding the team and it is convenient that while the team is killing bosses together and talking on mumble that you do have that go-to guy in the shape of the approachable Fridai who can then approach me if he needs me to get involved.

    Jolts has stepped into the Events Planner position with his primary responsibility to be organisation and maintenance of the Dambusters Draw. He is currently forming a forum post which we should soon see appearing there with full information about how he will want us to enter the competition. I am assuming he should be ready to receive entries very soon, keep an eye on the guild Message of the Day for notification of that forum post publication.

    The guild has missed the big draw event days and it will be good for us to get back into that and involve our new members who will have the chance to win some nice prizes.

    The exact format is unclear at this time but Jolts is a meticulous individual who will surely put plenty of thought into ensuring the monthly event is a success. I would urge people to get involved in the upcoming Dambusters Draw because last time around, there was an absolute treasure chest of gold dished out and a mount too. The guild bank will consider supplementing the prize pot and make for some very lucky winners.

    The current officer team will become my core leadership for the time being. Absolutely there are some excellent potential officers within the guild but for the operations we need to carry out for the time being, the leadership team has hit the right level of manning. There might be one further change upcoming but the current number of officers we have should be sufficient for what the guild needs. I have been made wary about promoting too many people into influential positions but if I deem it appropriate then I will not hesitate when the need arises.

    To me, you are all leaders and you all have a platform to lead by example, to show the rest of Europe that our guild is a force for good in the community. As I do love to remind my Dambusters, we are all ambassadors for the guild and we all have our part to play as responsible guild members while we display the guild’s name above our heads.


  • The Key to a Resurgent Guild

    Some reading this may have recently arrived but there will be plenty of people who have stuck with the guild through some trying times in recent months. I don’t want to keep dragging up old stuff which is in the past but it is worth pointing out that there’s an opportunity to learn something from a guild which has stood the test of time, and it’s fair share of drama.

    The key to staying strong as a guild is a solid officer core team and guild leader who are determined to stop at nothing to keep the guild breathing and blooming where possible. This guild has just witnessed a flourishing blossom of activity with a happy memberbase which belies the negativity fostered by a previous influential group who have left and taken with them only their own negativity, leaving our guild with the positive outlook we are reaping today.

    I can declare myself immensely proud at the turnaround we have witnessed and with a re-growing dedicated team of officers and our loyal guild members, we are enjoying the game as much as ever…even in this long tail at the end of the expansion. There’s nothing better to boost morale than fresh recruits and we have been actively filling up our roster with friendly folks who appear to be glad to have found us. I’m hoping at least a few of our recently appointed Dambusters will show themselves to be unearthed gems just waiting for their moment to shine in the limelight we can offer.

    There is no doubt that holding a steady level of active players makes the place feel strong and since we pride ourselves on our warm welcomes and immediate inclusion of any new member to our activities if they are ready and willing. It could be some low key Timeless Isle farming, battleground spamming or even a spot of the old raiding….anyone is welcome if there’s room and the attitude is right. Our ethos has always been all about helping friendly people to get involved if they want to. Encouragement is something I try to do where I can but as always, we must bear in mind that some people just wanna take their time and slowly work their way into the community in their own time.

    I said it at the time when our numbers dropped by a dozen or so, that we would be quickly back to our best because although it’s the people who make the guild great, no individuals are too big for the guild which just keeps on truckin’!


  • Understanding the Guild Bank

    The guild bank system may well be simple to us Dambusters who have been around long enough to have figured it out but there are plenty of people around who shy away from the guild bank and subsequently they don’t fully understand the way it works. In addition, there are people in the guild who may have worked with other guilds who’s bank system is very differently composed to the way ours operates. Furthermore, there are people in this guild who have no experience whatsoever about using a guild bank service such as the one we manage here in the Dambusters.

    Although I have posted guild bank info in the past that is relevant today just as it was when I published it, time has passed by so a good update of the guild’s operation partnership with our bank system is warranted at this stage.

    The guild bank is a series of ‘tabs’ which are categorised into classes of usable items that may be helpful to individuals around the guild. I have meticulously specified an allotted allowance that each ranked character may access on a daily basis per bank tab. ‘Grand Slam’ tab is the top tab in the display when you open the guild bank in any major hub in Azeroth which has a guild bank in. That top tab, or first tab in the Dambusters is used for our members to be able to donate to the guild as they see fit. Your guild will accept anything from expensive enchanting materials, rare and very valuable battle pets you may wish to give to your fellow guildies or even down to the crap you collect on low level zones that may be worth a few copper only. Never be ashamed about what you are willing to donate to the guild….

    Bat guano? We don’t mind, Sha touched leather? Great! We have hard working bank managing officers who love to use all those goodies to the advantage of the guild. If it’s only scrap worth a few silver then it’s a few silver the bank manager will get from selling to a vendor and put back into the guild’s pot of gold. If it’s something that could be valuable at the auction house, our guild bank management will try to get a fair price and deposit the cut into the guild bank.

    If you put valuable trade goods, glyphs or recipes in there, they will find the right category tab to place it in and it’s there for you or any other guild member with the right bank tab access to grab later if it’s something you feel you need.

    The tabs are named after 617 ‘Dambusters’ Squadron associated names. ‘Gibson’ tab is named after the inaugural Officer Commanding, Wing Commander Guy Gibson (HERO) and that tab at the bottom slot in the guild bank is reserved for high value raiding consumables. If you are involved with organised raiding within the guild then you will eventually have access to this tab.

    All guild members have a repair allowance depending on your rank within the guild. Your character’s level of rank will determine your daily repair amount and I recommend everyone uses that daily allowance because I set the amounts based on our weekly cash flow budget so regular repair costs will allow us to regulate the repair allowance we can offer to our members.

    I would like to thank Shethehunter, Pocadøts and Sîdney for their continued hard work in the guild bank. These guys get very little reward for their immensely responsible and trusted position within the guild. They do it for the love of the guild, and their need to tidy stuff :)
    Please dish out your respect to these guys in particular for if it weren’t for them, old socks Bigticket would have to do it, and very badly I might add :P

    /Salute my famous Dambusters yet again!

  • Dambusters Raiding Rebirth

    Until very recently, The Dambusters had been continuing with 25-man normal mode Seige of Orgrimmar raids by bringing in some pug players from around the community and although we have done well to get plenty of normal boss kills, pugging players is not the medium/long term goal, rather it’s been a solution to a problem and a brilliant medium for recruiting.

    Having found life difficult on a recent 25-man continuation starting at Malkorok, I floated the idea of possibly reverting to two 10-man teams which brought about the resurrection of Ironwall raid team which has already killed heroic Norushen and finished the raid with a resounding defeat of Garrosh where the team performed like masters as we solo-tanked and absolutely anihilated the guy. Ironwall is reborn and will now push more heroics since heroic Norushen is clearly on farm already.

    Stonewrought is now also reborn with Fridai leading the show, back where be belongs as the cool, calm raid leader and it seems like he’s never been away since the days when he used to lead the guild’s only raid team back in Dragon Soul. He struggled to pull the right composition together this week but Sidney and Idioms pulled a blinder and rushed in to offer tanking services at the last minute and they blitzed up to Dark Shamans. Fridai will be looking to tweak and perfect his team in the coming week as they line up a full assault on the Siege of Orgrimmar after the reset.

    I am immensely proud of our guild to have resurrected the two raid teams at this stage as it breathes new life back into the raiding scene here at the Dambusters. We have managed to recruit some excellent people with one or two of them notably very good players. We will continue to recruit like-minded people who will enhance the guild’s community spirit as a priority and of course, if they happen to be skillful players, Brucey Bonus :)

    As the guild stabilises both raid teams then it might become possible to bring them together to try 25-man again if it suits all involved but at the moment I think keeping things simple is our tried and tested formula and we will have no problems continuing to attract good people to the guild as we move closer to patch 6.0 when people will be returning to the game from breaks etc and who might be looking to join reputable guilds who have withstood the test of time.

    On that particular note, I feel it’s worthwhile pointing out that major factor which continues to make this guild a success story. We are quick to warmly welcome new members, we have some chat in the proper channels, our Mumble chat is popular with regular members logging in to chat/co-ordinate groups with their fellow Dambusters. We have rules that protect our members from idiots and we stick by them. The guild is rapidly approaching it’s 5 year point and when people are aware of such longevity surrounding a guild such as ours, they are often drawn to the stability that brings them as players. A lot of our recruited members have come from previously broken up guilds, drama implosions or guilds who simply faded away due to apathy or inactivity.

    You can never place enough importance on the power of perseverance. People cause drama, shit happens where differences collide and when it comes to the emotional attachment people feel for a guild they have put so much effort into, tempers can flare up and people can quickly vacate a guild. What I would stress, is that having endured all the usual dramas any other guild has ever witnessed, the Dambusters just keeps on truckin’ and although people may not always agree with the leadership’s decisions around here, one thing is sure fire and it’s the hard fact that the guild is going NOWHERE!

    My intensity and passion for leading certainly hasn’t changed. This guild is ideally positioned to enter Warlords of Draenor and be ready for the challenges the new expansion will bring. Spyrot is as passionate about raiding in Warlords as he has been all throughout Mists of Pandaria and with a committed Fridai back in a leading role, we have the opportunity to at least continue with raiding and hopefully make some more heroic progress in the weeks and months ahead.

    The raiding scene is not the ultimate goal of the guild, however these dedicated group activities serve a good purpose to show who really are the team players in the guild so I personally find that raiding is one of many important activities a guild can pursue. It brings people close together and you really get to know the guys on your team pretty well.

    Group activities are the top priority for any decent guild and we are no different, let’s keep working together.