FIVE YEARS OLD WOOHOO!!!                        



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‘The Dambusters [8/14 HC] was created in July 2009 in celebration of Number 617 ‘Dambusters’ Squadron, Royal Air Force where the Guild Leader is a former serving member of the squadron engineering maintenance team.

The guild’s beating heart is it’s community spirit which comes first here. The social friendships create a fun atmosphere in our 2 raid teams, rated battlegrounds and other activities we pursue. If you join The Dambusters, you become a member of a well managed organisation where hard working players with a good attitude will be rewarded. We have a safe environment which tries to cater to a broad spectrum of gamers by ensuring we prevent selfish or rude players from influencing matters in the guild.

Communication is important in this guild where the Guild Leader publishes regular blog posts about the goings-on around the guild. We also maintain our popular Mumble server where all members are encouraged to join in for our regular monthly meetings, raids, PvP activities and any other social discussions happening.




  • The next guild monthly meeting will be held on the mumble server on Thursday 7th August at 6pm server time. MUMBLE SERVER:- ADDRESS – dambusters.aremumbling.com PORT – 36044 (full Mumble installation instructions on our ‘Resources Portal‘ page)

  • We are always recruiting the right people to the guild for social levelling and the Raid Teams named Ironwall and Stonewrought. Before deciding to apply to become a Dambuster, please familiarise yourself with the information in this website paying particular attention to the Guild Rules, Officers and the Rank System pages. Just fill out a fun application by clicking the massive big link above and our recruitment team will be with you soon.

/Salute from Bigticket, your Guild Leader!